How to – Mixing and Mastering

Jef Joslin sits down with Rob Beaton in his home studio to offer insight into the mixing and mastering process.

I had recently done some mixing on a track that I produced for an artist named Willett (the track should be releasing this week) and have been in the market for a solid mastering engineer. I was introduced to Rob Beaton through a talented producer/drummer friend of mine, Christian Hand. He mastered the track in a matter of days, it sounded fantastic, and I plan to use Rob from here on out!

Naturally, when thinking of someone to give young mixing and mastering engineers a look at what these fields are like, Rob was the perfect candidate.

I tried to ask Rob some questions that I felt would provide myself and others in the same field insight into his struggles and story into this career, and some of the tricks he now uses to sustain it, as well as some valuable lessons he learned along the way. Thankfully Rob gave me more than I needed!

Rob Beaton begins by talking about his journey from studio janitor to mixing and mastering engineer. He then dives into his creative workflow and gives young mixers insight into the mixing and mastering process by explaining some of his methods, as well as recommending a few pieces of mixing and mastering hardware and software. He closes with some great words of wisdom for anyone who is an aspiring mixing or mastering engineer.

Check out Rob’s website and hear some of his work:



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