Inside the Studio – The Distortion of Sound

In this ever evolving world of file compression, mp3’s, multi-colored earbud headphones there are companies that are focusing their energies to ensure that you are hearing music as it was created. Some would even argue that we’re only hearing 10% of the intended whole!


Chances are HARMAN and its innovative brands have already touched your life today. More than 80 percent of the world’s luxury cars are equipped with their premium audio and infotainment systems. Your favorite music, movie or television show was likely recorded or broadcast with their help. They share the stage with talented performing artists from every genre, and they fill the world’s premier sporting and entertainment venues with great sound and light.


If you download, stream or play music on a digital device, your music is digitally-compressed. Compression can remove up to 90% of the audio details originally recorded in your favorite songs – so you’re left listening to a reduced version of the real thing. Clari-Fi music restoration technology brings music back to life.

The Distortion of Sound

Check out this great documentary Harman created to help us become more aware of the de-evolution and degradation of sound quality as we listen to it today, and also give hope to what it can sound like as described by the people who create it! Even for non music tech folks it is a great look into the power of emotion in music.


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