“I came in to 222 Studios [Jef Joslin’s Recording Studio] just wanting to jam, not at all expecting to start something. What’s great about working with Jef is he’s a musician, a damn good one too. So when you get in that studio, art is happening all around. Great location, private, and forever young.”

-Cari Dee English, Winner of America’s Next Top Model, Singer and Multi-Istrumentalist

“Jef is one of the most naturally talented and tasteful musicians and producers I have ever worked with. We clicked right away and ideas were flowing. He’s enthusiastic, and can do just about anything you would need, but with a great, mellow humble vibe. That sentence describes his studio as well. Though it’s on the small side, the studio is equipped with top notch gear, and Jef knows how to use it. Though I think he has an old school soul at heart, Jef has his fingers on the pulse of what’s happening at the moment.”

-Scott Bennett, Oscar Nominated Producer/Songwriter (Collaborator and touring band member with Brian Wilson/Beach Boys)


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